The paintings of Susana Regina Rapallo reflect the multiplicities of the modern world. Susana Rapallo is able to pick out cultural harbingers from all corners of contemporary life for depiction. She has painted popular fashions, characteristic meals, art historical references, signs and symbols referring to current events and real places – anything that calls up a specific time and atmosphere. Her last series, Rotten Apples, portrays the fruit at different stages of ripeness and decay and manages to give an oblique nod to everything from New York City to Cézanne.
Her current series explore the women sensations, female relationships, complexities of emotions. The female psyche.
Susana Rapallo is equally wide-ranging in her style, which has swerved between abstract and representative again and again over the course of her career. But she has a few hallmarks: robust lines, minimal background, a strong central composition, and a beautiful, saturated palette.
Susana Rapallo was born in São Paulo, Brazil and today lives in Rio de Janeiro. Her experiences living there, as well as in Madrid, Belgium, Uruguay, Paraguay, New York, and China, have informed her wide array of cultural references.